Specializing in Steel Straightening and Flattening Services:


Steel Straightening

- We offer steel straightening, detwisting and heat straightening for plates, round bars, round shafts, tubes, screws and more.  Shafts can be straightened from their centers or from their outside diameters.

- We are equipped with 3 overhead gantry cranes for ease of loading and unloading.  Trucks may enter the facility into our loading and unloading area. Our gantry cranes can handle a max load of up to 7-1/2 tons and our tow motors have a 2-1/2 ton max capacity.

Press Straightening

● Rounds to 13" diameter
● Flats to 72" Wide
● Flame and Plasma Cut Parts
● Pump and Boat Shaft Quality
● 300 ton Capacity
● Detwisting
● Weldments, Extrusions, Structurals, Tubing
● All Steel Grades 
● Lengths to 60ft

Rotary Straightening (Roll Straightening)

● Diameter Range ؼ” thru Ø1”
● All Lengths to 60ft
● All Grades 

All Grades most common but not limited to:

● Carbon
● Nickel
● Steel


We are capable to straighten, flatten, and form all items, and materials such as:

●  Angles, I-beams, & Channels
●  Axles
●  Bars: round, hex & square
●  Crank Shafts
●  Cylinders: shafts & tubes
●  Dies
●  Forklift: forks & carriages
●  Molds
●  Precision Parts 
●  Plates
●  Tubes: round & square
●  Weldments